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A propos de SPORT dating  &  Coach Love Lina

Why SPORT sports dating?

SPORT  d ating will meet the demand of singles who want concrete, real and sincere encounters with people sharing the same activities or values. However, athletes do not behave like sedentary people, lifestyle, disciplines, etc.

Indeed, all the candidates present are motivated to form a couple. It is an alternative to virtual dating sites that allows you to meet someone faster.


Warm encounters 

In the SPORT dating evenings, we find a certain conviviality between the participants . People are welcomed, introduced and installed by Coach Love Lina.

The atmosphere is conducive to great encounters. 
Everyone had the same approach so there is real goodwill between the participants.


Confirmed facilitators 

Coach Love Lina is an ambassador in the field of dating, divorce and above all she knows how to put people at ease.

She accompanies the candidates throughout the evening. 
For her, these events make it possible to create links between sports people. 
So those who haven't found love yet can come back. 


Coach Love Lina had already been a dating ambassador since 2003 where she had her dating agency Symbiose Rencontres, at that time dating sites did not exist, competition was low, then EasyDivorce in 2007. 

Coach Love Lina has only worked in social areas, she loves people and bringing them well-being and comfort.

Lina was first a candidate for her only competitor at the time, Ensembles by Eliane Croisier, where she found love. She therefore knows particularly well the feelings of the participants: “People arrive very stressed but leave relaxed”. She therefore assumes that it must be the same for sports SPORT dating.


Lina currently manages her 450 m2 fitness center with POWER-FIT (mental and sports coaching) and SYMBIOSE BIEN-ETRE (Aesthetics with her partners).

Support from A to Z with Coach Love Lina.


Boxing Session
Outdoor Basketball Game
Fit Couple
Woman Running
Mountain Biking by the Lake
Water Sports
Playing Tennis
Woman Stretching
Wheelchair Racers

Travaillons ensemble

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